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Halloween is coming...

I have exactly what you need for the upcoming holidays. Yes, I said holidays! I have a duet in the works planned for you. If you love Nightmare Before Christmas, then buckle up, sweetheart! No, it's not a retelling of the story we all love so much. It is a story of my creation based on the characters. Call it fanfic, if you will. I'm okay with that. Here is a tiny bit to whet your appetite...

I arched and cried out. “Bones!”
He stopped abruptly, pulling back with a glare. “When I’m with you, you call me Jack. I’m Jack to you. Do you understand?”
I realized immediately that he was giving me a precious gift. Him. He was giving me the real him. Not the MC President. He was giving me Jack, the man. I lifted a trembling hand and caressed it over the dark stubble on his jaw.
“Jack,” I whispered.

I can't wait for you to see these covers!!! They are amazing. The first story will be released in time for Halloween - The Nightmare King. That will follow up with The Queen Of Nightmares right about Christmas time. To tie it all together, I have a third cover in which both stories will be combined in a larger book that will only be available as a paperback and hardcover. As usual, both stories will be available to read for free with the Kindle Unlimited program.

I am so excited about this, I can't tell you how much!

Then it's back to Demons!

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