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Cry For Me




Charity case


I was all those things. 

Years after my parents died, I was still being bullied, and it was all led by my cousins. They hated me for years as children, and moving into their house didn't make them change their minds about me. I was counting down the days until I could finally get away from every single person in this town. Until there was one person I wasn't so sure I wanted to leave. 


My life since age 7 revolved around football and what it would take for me to get into the NFL.
I didn't have time for girls or parties.
I had never been tempted by anything that could take my mind away from the sport.
Until I walked into my new school on my first day of senior year.

One look was enough to change every plan I'd made for my future.

Just when we both thought we'd found our forever in each other, we realized that someone would stop at nothing to keep us apart.

Great high school romance. I couldn't put it down, the author had me hooked from the first page. Will be adding this author to my new favorite list to read any new books she comes out with!

Amazon reviewer

Love this story! Paige and Reid are wonderful! This book gives you so many feels! Reid is a wonderful example of what a man/boy should be! The courage Paige has through everything is amazing!

Amazon reviewer

I loved reading a book where the Hero never faltered in his love and loyalty. His support allowed the main character to grow and become strong. It was refreshing.

Amazon reviewer

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