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She escaped the cage of one serial killer, only to fall right into the arms of another…

She was everything they had been waiting for.

Brent and Ethan had been in a committed relationship since high school.

They were both dominant men and enjoyed testing each other’s limits,

But they each knew they longed to feel the softness of a woman.

But not any woman.

The perfect woman for them.

Casey had been running for so long, and so far,

she didn’t even know where she was anymore.

Literally, she had no idea where her bus dropped her off.

All she knew was that she was tired, deep down in her bones.

She knew the small town seemed nice, and the owners of the diner were good people.

She also knew that the men she had caught a glimpse of made her heart beat faster—and if the rings they wore were any indication, they were both taken.

Brent and Ethan needed to convince this frightened young woman to stay in town long enough to give them a chance.

They knew she was running from something, and to them, it didn’t matter what that was. They were ready to protect her from anything.

But how would Casey feel when she found out one of her men had even more blood on his hands than the killer she was running from?

Light from the Dark

  • Signed paperback

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