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Hunter's Blood

Monsters exist.

They are all around us...
and I am the one they want the most.
They crave my blood.

The biggest secret of all?
I'm one of those monsters, too.

Hunter's Promise

I was strong, I was deadly, I was a Hunter
Until I became more.

There was an enemy with a plan to take over all vampirekind.
They were creating revenants that were smarter than they should be.
They listened, they followed directions, they killed.

They killed me.

Hunter's Forever

Someone from Crispin's human life reemerges
leaving us both reeling in shock.

If that wasn't enough-
My mate was dying,
and I was hiding a secret that would change our lives forever.

the threat of someone dethroning all the leaders became very real.
We were in for the fight of our lives to save all vampirekind.

The Hunter Series

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  • Signed paperback

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